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1. Registration. Users may register in each Summitlake department used frequently. Registration requires a real name and email address. E-mail addresses are not posted to the public domain (you would have to intentionally include an email in a comment). Some privileges do come with registration, such as the ability to update your Profile, and queue Comments.

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2. We do not allow commercial URL’s in registrations or comments for obvious reasons.

3. Subscribe to our RSS feeds. Users do not need to register to subscribe to RSS. How? See How to Subscribe to RSS.

4. Comments. Comments are generally queued for moderation. Users need to be registered and logged in to post a comment. Comments may be disabled on a page after a period of time, indicated by the caption Comments Off.

5. But you can click the Write Us button at any time.Users do not need to register in order to use our write form.

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7. Site Navigation. We provide several different ways to help you browse the site.

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9. Manuscripts and Submissions. We encourage submission of original articles, creative writing and photos that have not been published elsewhere.

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