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Revised 4:40PM PDT

1. HTML.  For departments still having numerous legacy HTML articles, we’ve integrated the HTML indexes with their host WordPress departments. Look for the HTML Directory link under Browse By. These are found in our page sidebars, in the Computers, La Parola, Outdoors and Writing departments. The HOME link produces a site-wide HTML index.  This replaces our old “blue glass” Index buttons, while leaving the user in the WordPress environment.

2. SPAM. The spambot auto-mailers are back! Starting today, with the exception of this HOME page, we users must be registered and logged in to a particular host department to post comments to its articles. The exact policy may change frequently. The site-wide “Write Us” button is NOT affected (we have a new Contact Form page). You may choose to just register and log in to the HOME department to comment on our Latest Posts announcements.

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2 thoughts on “News & Updates

  1. I changed a setting so all comments are sent to the moderation queue in the HOME department, and relaxed the “users must be registered and logged in to comment” restriction in HOME so I can keep an eye on what happens to the spam load.

    • I found out what I needed to know about the source of this “med” spam on WHOIS. Today’s batch comes from a domain registered to the organization below. Their spam-bot manages to bypass CAPTCHA and registration rules, writing comments and links directly, where they are intercepted by an anti-spam filter.

      Organization: OS Domain Holdings IX, LLC

      Address: c/o Oversee Domain Management, LLC

      515 S. Flower Street, Suite 4400

      City, Province, Post Code: Los Angeles, California, 90071
      Country: US
      Phone: 1.2132653191

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