WordPress 2.9 Installs Completed

WordPress released a major revision in build 2.9. We ran it through a test area. The new build is stable and department installations began this evening.

Installation was completed in about an hour, for all WordPress departments. There were some load issues with some of the RSS news feeds as listed in the full text of this article.

  • Astronomy – OK
  • Commentary – OK
  • Computers – OK but RSS feeds disabled for Security News, PC World.
  • La Parola – OK, but disabled GLAAD news feed.
  • Miscellany – OK
  • Outdoors – OK
  • Photos – OK (including DPReview news feed)
  • My Notes – OK
  • Writing – OK (including New Yorker RSS feed)
  • HOME – OK (including BBC News feed)

The RSS feed issues are being investigated.

— Alex

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One thought on “WordPress 2.9 Installs Completed

  1. RSS feeds are fixed. The PC World and Security News feeds were working again this morning. Some of these sites (Security News, anyway) were down for maintenance last night. The GLAAD feed used a URL that may no longer be supported – no style sheet was attached to the feed. I substituted an XML link that tests out fine.

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