Summitlake RSS Feeds

You can get real-time, one-stop RSS feeds of new posts delivered to your favorite email client. We’ve enabled RSS for years, but we only recently investigated how to set up a reader to receive it automatically.

Heavens, of course we’re delighted when you come to our site to check for new content. But perhaps you don’t always have time. Every new post to any department in is announced in a caption or excerpt right here on the HOME page. You can still click the link to the full text as before. You can also subscribe to our RSS feeds by clicking the Entries (RSS) link at the bottom of every WordPress page on this site.

Every Summitlake department has its own feed. If you were interested in several different departments’ content, you could certainly subscribe to several of our feeds. The easiest way is to just subscribe to the HOME page feed. That way you’re notified when there’s any new post on the site.

As you’ll discover if you’re relatively new to RSS, you can direct your feed to your favorite RSS reader: Google, Yahoo, or any email application that accepts RSS. (In Microsoft Outlook, copy the URL from the feed page, select “Add new RSS feed …” on the RSS Feeds mailbox icon, and paste the URL into the feed address field.

Your Outlook, other email client or RSS reader will download about the last month’s HOME post excerpts. You can also see in advance what your post feeds are going to look like – complete with article links in your email – by clicking the Entries (RSS) link.

Feeds, like any other email, can be archived in folders for later reference. Below is a screen capture of what my HOME feed looks like at the moment.

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