No New Posts; Sitewide “Credits” Box

“At A Glance” indicates new activity in just about all departments, but, sorry, these date updates are just caused by site and page maintenance.

For years this site has hosted a little “Credits box” at the bottom of every HTML page. We’ve created a sporty new image credits box with image-map “hot spots” for the referenced links. With just two files for the whole site (one for HTML and one for WordPress), we figured out a low-maintenance way to add the box to every HTML page and every WordPress page on the site. Each page points to one of those two files.

This compares with several hundred boxes that had to be maintained by hand, say, for a copyright date change. We had boxes for almost every year going back to 1996 scattered around the site.

The purpose is more than cosmetic. As we host more and more content by other authors and photographers, protecting their rights to their material is just as important as protecting our own.

You’ll see the box at the bottom of every page. It looks like this:

CREDITS: Move mouse pointer to see links.

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