Google AdSense

Google AdSense ads have come to – on a trial basis, at least.

You’ve seen AdSense on the web before: unobtrusive postage-stamp ads, usually on a margin or sidebar, that feature links to contextually relevant advertisers. We have test installations  in our Astronomy, Computers, Outdoors and Photo departments.

It can’t be about the money. It’s got to be about the relevance. On a “micro-site” like ours, I’d be very surprised if yearly ad revenue covers a month of web-host server time.

If the Google engines are smart enough to supply links that are actually relevant to page content and to potential interests of readers who visit those pages, that works for me. So far, on Astronomy I’ve seen links to Astronomics, Meade and Photos has featured ads from suppliers of photo equipment. Computers shows links to PC-related hardware and software (currently including a product I have the lowest possible rating in a review).

 The only anomaly I’ve seen so far was yesterday in Outdoors. We had two ad listings for French Doors – the contextual relevancy engine was having a bad day, I guess. Today, those same spots are for a stock photo gallery and guided hiking trips – both in some way related to the Outdoors theme.

If you see ads that do happen to strike your fancy, please do feel free to follow them – but please only click them once.

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