Links vs. Footnotes?

In this Writing article on footnotes, we ask: are footnotes too “academic” for documenting web articles? An advantage to web footnotes is that the reader can decide whether this is worth further investigation, without leaving the page. What do you think? Links, or footnotes, or both?

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2 thoughts on “Links vs. Footnotes?

  1. I like the links and your present formating with them. I generally read the article in its entirely and then go back to check any links that interest me. Yes, that can add to the reading time but that satisfies my interest. Footnotes are fine too but I would use the same procedure with them with your posts and even in books I read. Rarely would I stop reading the page unless I feel the reference is pertinent to my immediate followup. Both will be fine for my use if you decide to go that way.

    • Aye and thanks Al – most sites get along just fine with no footnotes at all, just since – gosh, when did we first go on the internet? 1993-4? Remember the pre-Netscape Mosaic browser? I remember when some AOL pal, probably Richard, urged me to type a www internet address in a browser and I didn’t believe anything would happen! Anyway, I’ll see if I can build WordPress css support for footnotes but will no doubt stick to links for all but the most very “obscure” references. Interestingly, the extended ASCII character set has characters for superscripts 1 through 3, and as far as I can tell stops there!

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