Registering Disabled

Since anyone can submit a comment for moderation, and because this site doesn’t support user-created “New Sites,” there’s no earthly point in enabling the user registration feature. It was disabled 8/13/2011.


(obsolete text below)

You’ll find the “Register” link in our HOME page sidebar under ‘Meta’.  But you can just Register with this link! (The sidebar link is not visible if you’re already signed in).

  • Why Register? This lets you log in and submit Comments.
  • What Do I Have To Do? Submit your preferred login name, and a valid email address. When you get your acknowledgment email,  log in and update your registration with a brief comment that shows you were really there. Any other user data is optional.
  • What Happens with my registration data? Beyond the above, nothing. Others cannot see who’s registered.  No one can “mine” the data.
  • Do I need to register at all? No. You still can view all site content, subscribe to RSS feeds and use the WRITE US contact form.

A new user who clicks the “Register” link gets a short form for their user name and email address. But it’s not automatic. When you submit the form,  you’ll receive an email. You must reply to the email, and must update your user page, in order to become a Subscriber.

The WordPress Codex describes the Subscriber as Somebody who can read comments/comment/receive news letters, etc.

Or, as one forum poster noted, you can read, create and maintain your own profile, subscribe to the RSS feeds, “and that’s about it …”

Registration particulars can change over time with new generations of WordPress releases. To control spamming, we’ll try new techniques from time to time, such as CAPTCHA.  Our basic registration policy is fairly simple and rarely changes.

As of WordPress 3.0 (Multisite, 7/29/2010) you can register in all departments (except La Parola – register separately) all at once. Click Register in the HOME page sidebar. Do read the instructions.

To be perfectly honest, unless you have administrative privileges on a WordPress site, we can’t figure out any motivating advantage to registering, except to submit comments.

Unfortunately, we still get a lot of “bot” registrations with random “names” like fgharpgvh10a and bogus email addresses  If you don’t get a reply email, the registration can’t be completed. We delete registrations that haven’t been updated within a day or two.

Like almost all other content providers, we do have Guidelines for posting any kind of content, including Comments. In a nutshell: like 99% of our guests and contributors since 1995, just keep it clean and civil. 🙂

If you’ve ever explored RSS, it’s a great way to receive summaries of new posts on this site (or any site which activates RSS). Again, you do not need to be registered to subscribe to RSS.


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