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There was an 8 minute outage because some idiot forgot to change a table prefix code from ‘ts_’ to ‘wp_’ when we deleted the first new HOME database and reloaded a new one from a test database. I can say ‘idiot’ without fear of appearing small, because it was in my checklist, and I am the only person doing this task.

It’s like losing one engine in a single-engine aircraft. Keep calm. Figure out what to do FAST. At last I am logging heavy jet time with mySQL databases.

This all came about because an excellent plugin utility called Articles went haywire. I realized I had a data integrity issue in the old database – blame it on the old learning curve, not WordPress. You can read more about this in my Computers department post WordPress Conversions.

And now Articles works as designed. Enjoy your new page!

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6 thoughts on “HOME Repaired

  1. Alex, I am sending this in addition to the note I sent from my profile page after you registered me. The Home Page has a problem in that all the sidebar is overwriting the right hand side of the page. Very difficult to read and or select the items one wants. Please see if you can duplicate what I am saying or is this possibly my computer. It was working perfectly before today. I did not use the computer yesterday but I do remember on Saturday it seemed normal.

  2. I can’t recreate on IE7 on my desktop (XP) or laptop (Vista), or FireFox 3.0. But I did make a HOME change this morning – the top left “Portrait” style image varies every time the page is visited or refreshed. Does it look bigger to you today? Does “Latest Posts to Summitlake HOME” entry impinge on the right sidebar? (The Welcome text is part of the sidebar).

  3. And I’m getting the “Write Us” emails from the Profile page – thanks! We’ll look at this tomorrow. But I have an idea to check out in the code change I made.

  4. I made a size constraint on the Portrait images I mentioned above. If the change occurred between today and Saturday, that broadens the scope of suspects. All the “Welcome” text was removed from the page and moved to the sidebar. From your description it sounds more like something in the sidebar is lacking a constraint and loads too “wide”. Can you see what it might be? Try deleting your cache in case some old page content is still being loaded. And we can take a look at it tomorrow if still acting up. Thanks again!

    • Al writes this was noticed on a Mac, but is fine on his PC. It still should not happen. I have seen page overruns myself. I will get particulars.

      • Thanks to Al for checking this on a Mac. I was able to reproduce in Apple Safari on a PC. The Anfy slide show was trying to squeeze itself in with the Posts text to the right of the Portrait image. This pushed it into the sidebar display, exactly as reported by Al. I know this issue and have run into it for years. A simple fix added a Table row to confine the Portrait image and Latest Posts text to their own row, leaving Anfy Slide show to its own dedicated row, one down. This displays properly now on my Safari machine.

        This issue appeared so suddenly because my Sunday text in the “Latest Posts” excerpt was shorter than the text it displaced (only the latest 2 posts are displayed here). Anfy climbed up the page to try to fill the empty space.

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