HOME Acquires “What’s New” content

Merging of all the What’s New department archives into our new HOME department has been completed. You can browse Archives by date or Category listings from the sidebar popups on this very page.

These archives go back to January 2004. As you know, site content and organization has changed a lot since then! So, as long as we were updating all those post pages anyway, we updated old page links in the What’s New posts to their current equivalent WordPress page URL’s. So the links should work again.

The only content actually lost was a couple of Computers subject references, which lived in the old YaBB bulletin board. We took down that board in 2006 because of excessive maintenance time wasted on spam.

Now, you won’t have to go to a separate department just to find out what’s new – it’s all right here. The old links to What’s New will probably be removed by the time you read this.

History: What’s New originally started as a table on an HTML page some time in the 1990’s. We converted it to a dedicated WordPress department on Monday, May 16th, 2005, going back just to January 2004. We never supported that new department like we meant to, trusting readers would just use “At A Glance” (it’s still a great intuitive tool) to cover for us. We hope to do better in the new HOME installation, and we do sincerely hope you find the new What’s New posts more useful and accessible.

Tech Note: The conversion itself turned out to be automatic. For those interested, details are found in the WordPress.org Docs. Turn your RSS Feed post content from “Summary” to “All”. Export to an XML file. Import in your new WP installation. The posts come in clean, but you will have to re-do your category and tag assignments unless identical in the old site.

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