Elections 2008

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Since this website was founded in 1995, I can’t recall an election where Summitlake.com opted to recommend a candidate. There are several reasons for this, not just one.

  • My political and social commentary shows pretty clearly that Summitlake.com is not a good fit for any current political party
  • Since I came of age to vote for a presidential candidate in 1964, casting a ballot has been a distasteful choice between “the lesser of two evils”
  • This voting strategy has been a bitter disappointment as the winners let me and our country down
  • Our commentary is issues-oriented, not party-oriented

This is the first election in over forty years in which I feel an unqualified optimism about one candidate and the platform of one major political party.

Read our precedent-breaking full editorial essay , in our Commentary department,  Why I’m Voting for Barack Obama in 2008.”

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