More Upgrades, some Posts

We are gradually upgrading all WordPress departments to version 2.5, which is a big new release. Because the file uploads take quite a while, we are only doing one or two departments a week, in alphabetical order. Astronomy and Commentary have been done as of today.

As always, this updates the “last changed” dates in the “At A Glance” index on the front page. ¬†In the case of “Commentary”, the newest article is really Feb. 17th, whereas in Astronomy, we just posted a somewhat tongue in cheek¬†article on microwave mapping of the universe, on April 7.

There’s a major new construction and software article on our latest machine project in Computers, for March 31.

And you will find a new photo or two in PHOTO Notes, and “Week In Review” in My Notes, for March 28th.

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