SQL error – Horrors!

There was nothing on TV tonight. I turned it off. THAT has to be a first. I read an interesting article in Scientific American, about alternatives to the Big Bang theory. So I went to our Astronomy department to write some NOTES about it. Garbage data! WordPress is stored in a mySQL database, and the database was corrupted. Horrors!

It has something to do with the new WordPress version 2.3 in conjuction with old plugins and/or old templates or style themes. Well, I don’t use any old plugins or themes, that I know of. What we had here, Bubba, was a Blog Bang Theory.

The indicated remedy – you’re smart enough to make a complete backup before doing a version upgrade, right? – is to DROP the old database and reload your backup. “Drop” means destroy. I had never done this before, but you can bet I read up on it quickly.

Now to find out if all those backups I made were really any good for anything.

They were. Editing, I saw they were simply lousy with funny characters (nope, I don’t want to imbed one here so you can see). That means the garbage was there before my backups. Odd.

So yes, Virginia, you can edit the backup SQL files in a text editor. Find/Replace got rid of them quickly as far as I can tell.

I’ve only been through Astronomy and Writing NOTES so far – Astronomy was by far the worst, and wouldn’t even page-load properly. I will have to check them all. The only departments that haven’t received the version 2.3 upgrade are My Notes and this one – What’s New.

Thank heavens for help blogs on the internet. My “crash” course, if you’ll pardon the expression. I’ll get to the Scientific American article soon enough. Cheers!

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