What’s New, What Isn’t

Well, we DO have recently new articles in Astronomy and Photo Notes.

But “At A Glance – Last Modified” shows last-modified dates of Tues Sept 4 for My Notes and Photo Notes.

The last post to My Notes was August 29th. The last post to Photo Notes was Sept 1. There were no updates for Tuesday Sept. 4th.

What’s happening? We’re getting abnormally high volumes of “spam” Comments – comments that in fact aren’t a reply to the article, but an ad with links to somewhere else. 95% of these don’t get past our spam filters. They are put in a special detention hall until I delete them or 1 day elapses, when they’re automatically deleted.

The other 5% actually sneak through and post as a Comment, in reply to an article, until I find and delete them.

Either way, the spam addition and deletion removes them from the WordPress databases, which counts as an “update”. The last-modified date reporting logic is working correctly, but the server doesn’t know the difference between a post and a comment delete. It timestamps the file the same way. I know of no workaround.

Most of the time, the dates are reliable. I’ve also added a new button to our home page, “Recent“. This leads you to a frames browser window where you can review the “Most Recent Posts” listings for each of the 7 WordPress departments with a single click of the mouse button.

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