New Look for Home Page

We hope you noticed, and we hope you like it.

First, we gave the front page some new buttons. The old ones were Flash buttons. Under IE 6 with the new security precautions, you had to click them twice to make them work (there’s underlying code that executes when you click a Flash button). And, I don’t have Flash installed any more to edit them – and don’t want it.

Then we said, hell, we’ve had the same old wallpaper motif for years now. Pretty successful at first, through you can see we tinkered with it toward the end.

I looked at wallpaper designs on the web and decided I could do better. The background picture was actually taken in the back yard at Phoenix. There’s really two of them, flipped end to end, so that as you scroll down you don’t see a seam. Long time readers may remember a similar theme back in the 1990’s.

You can find the original photo in Photo Notes, “May Storm in Phoenix“.

In Astronomy, we’re exploring some of what we’re trying to learn about cosmology – the origins and nature of the universe. Right now I’m wondering, if the “observable universe” is bigger than what we can see – peering back almost 14 billion years in time – then what do we mean by “observable” and how do we know about it?

And, if you were looking for interruptions of service during the WestHost switchover, the switchover occurred sometime this morning, and the interruptions didn’t happen. The minimal prep I had to do was all completed weeks ago, and worked on old server or new. If you DO find a bug with pages or features, drop us a line, but we’re pleased with the transition and we hope you won’t notice any differences – other than our new front page!


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