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  • Margarido Drive 1955-1962PHOTOS. Peering 50 years into the past into what was left of the old family albums
  • Zionism and De Tar-BabyCOMMENTARY. We look at a New Yorker article about a controversial and unpopular social gadfly in Israel. Can they really bomb their way back into peace?
  • CAT 5 Throughput with Cheap Bulk CableCOMPUTERS & NETWORKING. Boy Mechanic had networking troubles again.
  • The Ice Man – Old and NewMY NOTES. We look at modern forensic evidence, buried in glacial Alpine ice, of a murder 5,300 years ago, truly an astounding “cold case”.
  • Astronomy Magazine Sept 2007ASTRONOMY – We review a fine magazine that’s getting even better.
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