Server Upgrade Thursday 7/19/2007

We have a heads-up from WestHost, our site host provider, that they will be performing a major server upgrade this coming Thursday.

On your end, the transition should be seamless. There is nothing to do. URL’s, pages and the domain name remain as before. We expect that all pages, scripts, services and features should work as before.

On our end, there is little to do. We have already scanned most of our 9,299 site files. We found and updated two internal files that had dependencies on information that will become obsolete later this week.

As with any major upgrade, past experience suggests it’s always possible for there to be visible glitches as the servers are switched over. WestHost advises the changes will occur Thursday night (8PM – 10PM Pacific time):

The changes for the accounts will occur from 10:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m. MDT on July 19th. Downtime will not exceed 15 minutes.

As Friday’s a work day, we won’t be staying up too late to monitor events, but will check the situation during the day, and can work with WestHost to resolve any problems over the weekend, if need be.

Let’s hope for a smooth transition! Cheers,


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