What We Have Here …

It was hot in Phoenix while I was there on vacation over the past week, but I kept busy indoors. AT A GLANCE (front page) says we have new posts for Commentary, Computers,My Notes, and Photo Notes. What we don’t have here, yet, is the more Vietnam scans I promised, since I don’t have the album prints in Phoenix.

  • COMMENTARY: Science vs. Religion – does there have to be such a schism?
  • COMPUTERS & TECH: Shopping – Signs of the Times. The distinction between different kinds of internet shopping has become meaningless. It’s just a way of life.
  • WRITING Notes: “Alien Hades” – short story. It’s not much of a story, but it does have a photographic twist.
  • My NOTES: “Hot Enough”, “Pigeons and Palms”, “Weather Alert!” and “Ahh, Phoenix” – weblog for a hot but relaxing week in a city that regularly gets hotter than Mecca, Saudi Arabia.
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