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  • How it Works – Pool Vacs
  • My Notes (posted yesterday) – Medicine has learned to look at the health of the human body holistically. Conservationists see the interconnectedness of all the elements of an ecological system. Is a pool vac only a pool vac? We discover a satisfying answer – and a lesson.

  • Driving To Phoenix
  • My Notes (posted Sunday) – $3.699 a gallon gets you a full tank, but it also gets you lost for an hour in Palm Springs.

  • More Godless Cosmology
  • Astronomy (posted yesterday) – Our observations about difference of opinion from the letters to Sky and Telescope magazine.

  • Cosmology: Causal Horizons
  • Astronomy (posted today) – We research a new term in astrophysics and cosmology which describes observable limits of the knowable universe.

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