Updates and Additions

Today we completed a security upgrade to WordPress version 2.1.2. Some of the AT A GLANCE last-modified dates are falsely updated to today, but we do have a number of genuine additions since the last What’s New post, too.

  • In My Notes we’ve posted new short articles on the “Luckypod” tree and “Celebrity Chicken Soup”.
  • In Commentary we posted an article on the US Iraq talks – should we attend, and should we pound the pulpit or just listen and take notes?
  • In Computers we offer some observations about how passwords seem to be taking over our surfing life, and what we can do to manage these necessary evils.
  • In La Parola we continue our exploration of the well-meaning but useless feel-good practical benefits of the California Domestic Partnership Act.
  • In PHOTO Notes you’ll find our friend Swan has submitted a couple of nice images of Winter in Heartland country. Under the cold, gray skies of Old Man Winter, it’s tough to take nice photos in any part of the country. It’s possible, but to the photographer the lighting and barren trees offer special challenges.
  • In RECIPES, look under “Prepared Dishes” for a delicious new take on the old shopworn standard, “Chipped Beef”.
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