WordPress 2.1 “Ella” Upgrade

Yep, sharp-eyed observers might have noticed dates changing on AT A GLANCE WordPress Departments, yet there are no new articles bearing yesterday’s date. This upgrade is major, jumping from version 2.07 to 2.1, with 2.2 already promised for April. The change I like best is real-time updates to articles being composed or edited online, so I may never lose a post again.

If you have ever lost your data while composing it, because the server or your PC crashed, you know that (1) you always resent having to recapture the tone and content of the original masterpiece, and (2) you never quite do.

The only downside of WordPress is that each department or directory has to have its own installation of WordPress, so I have eight. My installations are moderately customized, so figuring out the best way to port those customizations across a version upgrade somethimes take a while. Last night, I only converted Astronomy, Commentary and Computers.

One of my old plug-ins that added frills to the “sidebar” (right margin) does not work under 2.1, so I came up with a much simpler workaround that displays essentially the same counter, random quotation and custom boilerplate text. For the technically-minded, it’s a text file that gets read as an “include”. As far as site customization is concerned, future upgrades should be essentially zero maintenance!

Sharp-eyed types will notice I eliminated the spiffy sidebar calendar and Google Search. I may be able to save Google Search.

Today I hope to complete the upgrade. The five remaining departments are La Parola, PHOTO, What’s New, WP, and Writing. Please let me know if you find problems using any of these departments!

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