Ten years Online

Hey, we noticed the counter on the Index page shows 1.55 million visits to this site since 1999. I realized I don’t even know exactly how long we’re been online. But after all, our motto right on the front page says, “Articles, stories, community and computer resources – the world of the original written word, on the World Wide Web since 1995.”

I thought: how would I find out?

Well, I did find a 1996 archive from our first site on long-defunct ISP Best.com. We had four departments: Computers, La Parola, PAUG and Stories & Fiction. (PAUG was our Mac computer club, itself long defunct).

The Stories & Fiction department has long since been renamed WRITING. Today, I added a Writing Notes page, not to replace WRITING, but to supplement it, one of our largest and most popular departments – with 267,400 hits since we added a counter. Writing Notes is a WordPress page (like this one), designed for briefer, “on the fly” notes. Please do check it out for additional background on why both WordPress and the traditional HTML pages each have their own value on a site.

Those you who’ve learned to check our At A Glance listings on the Home Index page know that we’ve been busy all over Summitlake.com. We have new photos from July vacation, and recent postings in My Notes, Computers and Commentary.

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