WordPress Themes part II

We solved the big mystery in yesterday’s site news. One of the January 2006 “Commentary” articles had four extra lines at the bottom of the page. Somehow this forced a problem with the “sidebar” (right margin info) loading. We eliminated the extra lines, the problem went away, and we’re adapting the new “Kubrick” theme you (hopefully) see here.

We were fond of the old theme, but the new look isn’t just another pretty face. There are actually a number of different kinds of pages to display archive material, comments, supplement pages, and such. Now, all these pages sport a consistent theme and should format properly. They’re easier for us to maintain, too.

We’re still experimenting with some “widgets” to get back our department page icons, calendars and a few other little gadets and accessories. But mostly, the new look and feel is installed in all (7) WordPress Departments: Astronomy, Commentary, Computers, La Parola, Photo Notes, What’s New, and My Notes. We hope you like the look.

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