Whither Spam?

Spam used to be a semi-edible canned meat product. Now, it’s more like the dust in a dust storm: it gets everywhere and into everything. Shake out those shorts, tuck in the shirt, lace the boots a little tighter, and hope for the best …

We just wasted an hour tightening up our other dusty wasteland, the new phpBB forum. Forums don’t seem to serve any real community function until there’s a congregation of a few hundred dedicated regular visitors. On remote outposts like Summitlake.com, forums seem to serve the same practical purpose as vacant lots: a weedy place of final repose?for discarded burger wrappers, ad throwaways and pizza flyers.

So, as of this evening, users will have to be registered to post on the phpBB forum. Our poor little fledgling forum has had one or two legitimate posts (mainly added as a courtesy by yours truly), and a small infestation of spam links. The next step might be to require admin approval for new registrations, and banning of offending IP addresses. But, we all know how effective a ban on static IP addresses is, don’t we?

Inevitably, the next step is going to be to take the board down, because I just won’t waste my time nursemaiding infantile parasites who may get paid one mil per post to harass our real user base, who don’t come to Summitlake.com?to look at that crap on our site anyway.

What a shame it’s come to this, you know?

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