• Q: How come some departments show an update in “AT A GLANCE” when there has been no recent activity? A: Blog spammers. I read they’re called “sploggers” now. Spammers have automated crawlers that leave comments on web logs. These are generally links to other sites which increase Google visibility, which gets somebody paid more advertising money. I have filters which almost always intercept and hold these postings, until I can delete them, but the files are all updated anyway to show “activity”.
  • Thanks to Dave N. for pointing out the broken “Write Us” buttons all over this site. In February I updated the Perl program which supports this function, in response to a server-mandated change, but failed to upload the changed file. “Write Us” works now. Hope I haven’t missed some more.
  • Dave and Swan continue to send fine contributions to “PHOTO notes”.
  • I am working on a major, almost scholarly review of the Darden Pyron biography “Liberace – An American Boy”. Analyzing the complex life of “Mr. Showmanship” has been a fascinating challenge. I am nearly finished with the article. I have some finishing positive touches I want to add, but I’m in no hurry to rush it through to completion. The article will be posted in WRITING when complete, and we’ll announce it here.

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