Sunday Updates

More site maintenance: we upgraded to the latest version of Perl, which drives all the custom scripts on this site, and at the same time we upgraded php and mySQL, which drive WordPress and the new phpBB forum … and in turn require a current version of Perl.

We have everything we think we need backed up, but?then we held our breath anyway.

Everything seems OK, but we’d like reports if you find SCRIPT ERROR notices on the site.

Right off the bat we almost had a heart attack, as the front page index counter stopped working, and so did AT A GLANCE stop. But, Oracle, the pushy little script that serves up the quotation at the top of the index page, was still working … hmmm. So Perl was working, but some scripts weren’t.

We kept our cool and looked at those scripts. At the very top should be a Perl path #!/usr/bin/perl, which tells the server executing the script?the location of?the Perl application we intend to use. Some of the scripts used an older notation #!/bin/perl, which used to work. A little birdie reminded us we had intended to convert all the scripts, but, as aliases had each notation work, there was no pressure to complete the jeb. Heh.

The above is all techno-babble, but fixing about 10 scripts (out of a few hundred) took a few minutes and should have us back in business. This could have taken days to find. I feel lucky I happened to think to?notice this right away. It’s the first thing I looked at.

We’ve checked WordPress (this page is a WordPress page), phpBB Forum, front page counter, front page AT A GLANCE, department Autolists, page counters. Everything seems to be in order. Let us know if you find glitches?



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