New Today

We have a really nice Valentine’s flower from Swan in PHOTO Notes. It looks like a Christmas Cactus to me, but the bloom is most appropriate for remembering somebody special on Saint Valentine’s Day.

Also in PHOTO Notes, I posted a couple of shots of my own with my new Nikon D70s model digital camera.

In Writing, I added our first-ever book review. If you’re a fan of the John D. MacDonald Travis McGee series, or ever were, your take on the series might be different than mine, but you’ll agree they’re addictive. For those of you looking for a different serial thriller engagement, if you’ve never read Travis McGee, my review postulates that you may find yourself of sufficiently strong constitution to read more than one of this captivating series – or maybe even all of them.

Lastly, I see that release 2.01 of WordPress is out. And you know what that means. Over the next few days, we’ll probably see all the last-modified file dates being updated to “today” in all seven WordPress depertments. If the weather remains cloudy on my Phoenix vacation, what better way to spend an afternoon than site maintenance?

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