WordPress Upgrades 2.0!

UPDATED: We’re upgrading our WordPress installations from release 1.5.2 to 2.0. At first, you won’t likely see visible changes, as we’re retaining our current custom theme. The main changes are under the hood.

The (7) current Summitlake.com WordPress “Departments” affected are listed below. You may see “AT A GLANCE” files date displays re-set to today, on the main home index page, as we update each department. We’ll proceed alphabetically, as we get time. “Astronomy” has been completed this evening.

  • Astronomy DONE 1-17
  • Commentary DONE 1-17
  • Computers DONE 1-17
  • La Parola DONE 1-17
  • My Notes DONE 1-18
  • Photo Notes DONE 1-17
  • What’s New DONE 1-18
  • All upgrades completed 1-18-2006, and seem to be working fine!

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