Revised Department Indexes

We had to get rid of the cool CoolMenus javascript blue navigation bar on the top of the Astronomy, Commentary, Computers, and La Parola department index pages. Now you get a blue button that generates a department menu on a separate page.

We also got rid of the “frameset” architecture on these pages. Now you get a single, simple one-piece page, like this one.

To see a list of all the articles ever written in a department, go to one of those departments. You’ll find a new blue button to click on the right margin menu, for example, “Index Computers”. This replaces the old left-margin index.

To navigate to other departments in, or to the Summitlake home page, click one of the links on the single right-gand menu.

Too many menus + framesets + WordPress main page = display problems. Sometimes simpler is still better. These pages should now display properly on any browser or platform. Please let us know if you find any questions or problems.

For the technically curious, the old architecture worked fine on older pages which didn’t have a WordPress .php page as the main frame body. A surviving example is Writing, where we haven’t reconfigured for WordPress. Adding the php on top of all of the other old architecture created serious graphics artifacts when the user scrolled down the page. So, the complicated architecture had to go!

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