On Helping the Poor

Some years ago, a good friend commented, “I don’t have anything against helping the poor as long as I don’t have to pay for it.”

I replied: “You already do. Your taxes help pay for it, through education, job training, Social Security and Medicare, and equal rights – for all.

“Whether or not one approves of ‘helping the poor,’ it brings more so-called ‘marginal workers into the mainstream economy for the first time. When we actually talk to so-called ‘welfare cheats,’ most will readily admit they’d be much happier if they could get a real job.

“Helping the poor isn’t just being nice to others. It’s good for business. It’s good for the economy. It reduces taxes and zero-rate-of-return drains on the economy. It improves national productivity and competitiveness, and boosts profits and the national happiness index   It’s a great investment.” My friend had no answer for that. “Socialism?” By that definition, Social Security, VA benefits, and Medicare are all “socialist.” They boost society and national security. Just think about that for a minute!

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