The Mysteriously Unsuccessful Boy,” Second Edition, is now available for the Amazon Kindle reader for Mac, PC and Android desktop, tablets, portables and mobile devices. LINK

The Mysteriously Unsuccessful Boy is an autobiographical adventure of just one life: the author’s. It is written for inquisitive adult and young adult readers. We can all find a story weaving together related threads of adventure, avoidance, evasion, overcoming obstacles and finding happiness. This is also a story of exploration, of both the world we live in, and of the world of the mind. What happens when we discover that what we think determines what we do.


What can possibly come after motorcycles, backpacking, general
aviation, astronomy, programming, music and reading, rock climbing, camping and
whitewater rafting? Using the same forensic tools as a good detective mystery,
we’ll look inside the box.

At some point, we ask: are ideas just tools for better
understanding what the others think? Learning the hard way is better
than never learning at all. The excitement of exploring nature and peering at
outer space through telescopes awaits the biggest challenge of all: exploring inner
and building a new life from what we discover.

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