Note for Les

This note is mainly for Les, who has written twice in response to a posting in “What’s New”. Les, all my replies to you are being returned as undeliverable. Subject: “Blender’s Gold” Mellow Blend Pipe Tobacco, distributed by East West Distributing Co, Deerfield, IL 60015.

I used to buy these 12 oz bags at a Walgreen’s when vacationing in Phoenix, because the local store here (Castro Valley CA) did not carry it at all. The Phoenix Walgreen’s just discontinued the line last month. I don’t know which Walgreens may still carry Mellow Blend, nor have I seen another store that does carry it. I mix my own (See “Alex’s No. 1” in my article “Tobaccos 2“), but it is not really a replica of Mellow Blend, having more Black Cavendish. (I like mine better).

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