Season’s Greetings

All the best to you for the holiday season, and to all of us for 2017 and beyond. It still seems as if my July 8 move to Phoenix happened just yesterday. No, I’m not going to make it on my guess that I would have all the moving cartons unpacked in the garage. All the cartons in the house proper have been unpacked and put away. What with merging two sets of accumulated household belongings, there was bound to be some outright duplication and surplus. In fact, Big Brothers and Sisters is ecstatic over my twenty cartons of donations to date. In the garage, we’re down to about 15 cartons now, and I’m reduced to fishing through those remaining to look for a favorite skillet.

There was plenty else on my to-do list. The house has become a home. I have my living room back. Rooms and furniture have been swapped around. I’m streaming music into the living room stereo from iTunes in the “computer room.” I drained the pool for its tri-annual cleaning and refilling, and it looks like new. I’ve added new storage shelves in the kitchen, master bedroom and washer-dryer utility room. The “junk drawer” has been sorted out into new parts storage bins, and the tools and toolboxes are all where I can find things again. I’ve done minor carpentry and electrical upgrades.

For the first time in a decade, I bought a little Christmas Tree, and by “little” I mean, ten inch:

I didn’t meet my goal of keeping up with this blog. I did find time to upgrade a couple of Perl programs. I’ll resume working on my book when the move-in is complete. I get together with my Phoenix friends for lunches or dinners, and visited Northern California once in September. I have a new Phoenix-based HMO, with all the paperwork, forms and records transfers involved – and my first appointment in January. All in all, I’ve accomplished more than I anticipated. But there’s a special feeling involved in being able to call Terra South “Home.” My very best regards to you all!


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