WordPress 1.5.1 Upgrade

We upgraded all Summitlake WP installations to version 1.5.1 today. You should see no difference.

Since the files dates all changed to today’s date as a result of these uploads, this unavoidably resets the “last changed dates” on all the home page “AT A GLANCE” listings for WP: What’s New, My Notes, PHOTO Notes, Commentary, Computers and La Parola.

The website host server move earlier set almost all file dates to 5/11/2005, further confusing efforts to track what’s new by detecting the file last changed dates. 🙂

So as to not mislead you into a wild goose chase searching for new content, we have actually posted recent updates (in the last week) to What’s New and PHOTO Notes.

Of course, we can always do it the fun, old-fashioned way: we can come here to “What’s New” to find out all about the most recent site postings.

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