Phoenix or Bust

I gave up my Bay Area apartment and now live full-time in my home in Phoenix. The house is full of Bekins Boxes. I’ve been on the go 24/7 since June 3. This is the only post for July 2016, unavoidably a record low.

First, a note to my phone caller who left a message on my machine while I was out of town. You were interested in asking the owner of a question, but forgot to say what it was. (The domain is not for sale.) You forgot to leave your name. You asked me to please return your call, but for some reason the call terminated without leaving the number. Your message was polite and courteous. I probably would have called you back, out of curiosity, as you sounded like you are about the same age as me.  You evidently did not find the Write Us links on this site, so you resourcefully found a phone from a lookup service. I have updated the contact instructions in the WELCOME header on this HOME page. Sorry, there is no way to contact without using the security forms.

It is hotter than billy in Phoenix. The pool requires a lot of maintenance in the summer. There are a thousand and one other things to do – the joys of home ownership! Out of a piece count of 131 Bekins cartons, I have about a hundred to go, and I’m not going to kill myself deciding where things go, or by setting a deadline, All I ask is a carton a day.

As we swing into August, I have several new photos from Swan and other friends waiting to be published, and one or two of my own. Regular readers, if there are any, will have noticed I do not do “political” posts as much as I used to, and most of those are here on the HOME page (rather than in a Department). We are either preaching to the choir these days, or pleading to deaf ears.

Enjoy the summer heat. We will have to suck it up and get used to increasingly wild temperature swings. I am looking forward to October here; October and May are the two months where the weather in Phoenix is generally the equal of any paradise in the world.

Adios until the next time, Amigos.



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