The Heck You Say

  • We have a great new short on discussing politics, 2004. Terms like ‘idiot’ and ‘moron’ should be deftly vollied back into the court of the user. The more passionately one is for or against some cause or candidate, we make the case that we want to avoid this kind of rhetoric if we really care about the cause at all. See “Sticks and Stones”, My Notes, June 02.
  • How can I tell “What’s New” at One newer tool that people are using is “AT A GLANCE – last modified” on our home page. The page last-modified date could have changed because the page was rebuilt, or because we posted new content. If the page is one of the new two-column interactive pages (MovableType, currently), you can go to the page and see right away what the latest posting is.
  • The page last-modified date is automatic: Perl, what else? So, if we forget to update “What’s New”, you can generally still see visually where the site changes are.
  • Memorial Day 2004: Over the holiday we were moved to write a longer essay on patriotism, religion and politics. We argue against many cherished American institutions – loose cannon politics, blamng the other side, blaming the media – and we guarantee there is something in this essay to offend almost everybody.
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