A Boy Named Hoshi

As told by a friend. Original source unknown.

There was a high school teacher who, every day before class started, would repeat some famous quote from American history. Whichever student could identify the source got extra credit.  One day, the teacher said, “Four-score and seven years ago…”

No one in the class reacted.  Then, a little Japanese boy, the son of immigrants, raised his hand, “Abraham Lincoln, Gettysburg Pennsylvania, 1864.”

The teacher said, That’s right, Hoshi, but then she looked back through her records and saw that Hoshi had answered most of the questions for quite some time.  So, she decided to give the rest of the class a try with a second quote, “I have a dream…”

Nobody reacted.  Finally, in frustration the teacher asked, “Do you know, Hoshi?”

He replied, “Martin Luther King Jr. Washington DC, 1963.”

The teacher said, “That’s right.  The rest of you should be ashamed of yourself that a Japanese kid who is new to the US should know more American history than you do!”

A smartass in the back yelled, “Fuck the Japanese!”

Hoshi replied, “Lee Iacocca, Detroit Michigan, 1981.”

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