In a nutshell, we’re rather excited to announce both departments have finally been revamped with new gallery viewers, links and article formats.

OUTDOORS has been converted to WordPress. If you kept bookmarks to features in this department, you may need to update them. But you don’t need them. All the permalinks are on the sidebar. Just bookmark the page, or bookmark and go anywhere from the site’s home index page.

PHOTO Notes has been remodeled with sidebar permalinks to 13 Galleries. Some of the old HTML pages have been retired. Some have been archived and you can access those via the “HTML Archives” sidebar permalinks.

RETIRED PAGES: old HTML pages may have been deleted or moved. When a page is considered “major”, like a department HTML index page, or the Friend’s Gallery HTML entry page, we have also placed a “redirect” to that bookmark users, or Google cache visitors, will be redirected automatically to the new location.

We also have recent postings in PHOTO Notes and My Notes, though I’m counting on you to watch the “At A Glance” listings on the home index page to track these new posts!

Hope you enjoy the changes. Many of the slide shows are NEW, so be sure to check them out!

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