HOME Department created; new Home Page

The Summitlake.com Home Page has a new home. If you didn’t already note the change:

There’s a page redirect to the new page, so those following bookmarks, or expecting an index page at the root level of the directory, will always get routed correctly to the new main page. Please bookmark the new page.

The new page, done in WordPress, lives in its own new HOME Department. Many legacy HTML pages have been converted to WordPress. As elsewhere in converted departments, some legacy HTML pages are merely linked to by the new WordPress departments, while others will probably always remain HTML and never be converted to WordPress.

HOME, the last department slated for conversion in the near future, was actually switched over yesterday. Links to the old home page have been changed on over 581 pages and uploaded, but we expect some may still have been missed.

Last HTML Home Page

The old home page, the last grand old flagship in a fleet of legacy HTML pages, was “retired” yesterday as well. While we will always miss it, we’re excited about both the increased utility and readability the newer WordPress technology lends to our readership, and the possibilities of finally adding new content to a “static” home page — without hauling the whole thing onto drydock for the annual new coat of paint.

And why WordPress, exactly? In addition to all the features evident as you scan these new pages, it’s easier for us – as easy as writing and sending an email. No more page layout, typesetting and uploading to produce even the shortest of new “pages”. We may add graphics to our post, or we may not. And then, instead of a Send button, it’s Publish – and you’re reading it.

Lastly, we certainly hope you do enjoy our new home page and HOME department as much as we do! You might want to check out the short Welcome post we wrote for our new HOME department. That post features a screen shot of our first (and oldest) home page, with a layout done in “image map” technology … in 1995!

The image above is a screen shot of our last HTML home page. Her old banner still flies proudly at the very top of the new WordPress pages. Take a careful second look above at the top of this page.

Time to press the Publish button.



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