New Home Page

Welcome to our new “home page”. It has become a “Department” – in WordPress, no less!

After all these years, we have finally converted all our major site Departments to WordPress. It was time to convert the venerable old index.shtml page and many of the legacy “root” HTML pages as well, but we wanted a design and format we felt was better than the old one.

We think this one fills the bill. We hope you agree, but we’d like to hear from you too.

There’s more to do. The “What’s New” department only existed because the old home page was static – there was no place to post news and articles. It will be fine right where it is, for now.

Look around at the features on the main page, especially the sidebar. Navigation is new but strangely familiar. You’ll find all the regular departments listed. You’ll find new tools to see “what’s new” right on the home page – without necessarily going anywhere!

We found the artwork for our original 1995 home page. We and our boosters were very proud of it in 1995, but we’ve come a long way.

1995 Home Page

Thanks for your support!


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