The Quiltin’ Ladies

OK, all you young ladies of all ages out there, I’m gonna admit I watched a whole Quilting crafts show today. I wasn’t gonna watch the painting show that come before it neither, but, turned out I din’t know you could do all that stuff with watercolors. Then the Quiltin’ Ladies came on and they said “Hi, today we’re going to show you how to select and piece together parts for a geese pattern,” and I said, “Oh NO ladies, no you ain’t!” and I reached for my switcher thingie.

Just then they showed us how they sew together little pieces I couldn’t even see with a microscope, if I could get my fat fingers outta the way, I mean. There’s as much to this quiltin’ business as makin’ fine furniture in a cabinet shop. Not that you’ll ever catch me quiltin’ before I figure out how to sew a button on straight. Hats off to you gals for keepin’ such a finely guarded secret, ’cause it truly is rocket science to me!

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