Al Micheli 1926-2012

I recently learned my old friend Al Micheli had passed away at age 86. Al had been a good friend going all the way back to the days of the Peninsula Apple User Group computer club (PAUG), and a longtime supporter and booster of

Al was a U.S. Navy veteran and electronics tech. He worked for decades in the telecommunications industry, loved his pioneering work, and had that rare ability to talk about technical topics in a nontechnical way. He raised a family and was very proud of his four sons.

In remembering those twenty years we knew each other, it occurred to me that I never could remember whether Al had been a Republican or a Democrat. Sure, we talked politics, just as we talked about Apple Macs, electronics, radio transmitters and amateur radio, satellite communications, cats, kids, pipes and tobacco, and life in general. But we never talked partisan politics. We just talked the issues, and had one heck of a great time doing so together.

Al cared about his family, his country and his friends, and I’m proud to have shared his acquaintance.

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