More on Science Denial

My first comment post on the Huffington editorial From a Boy Who Loved NASA: How 49 Heroes Lost the Right Stuff and Sullied Their Names by Shawn Otto:

Thanks, Shawn Otto, for an exceptionally well written, interesting and well documented article. I know many cases where science denial is politically motivated, but many more where folks who are not fundamentally interested in science developments, and don’t follow science news, are genuinely confused about who to believe. For former NASA astronauts to pander to the political spin is absolutely shameful. We can debate how fast the ice sheets are melting, how high the oceans will rise, what species will be at risk first, how and where human food and water resources will be impacted, and what parts of the world may become uninhabitable first, but not the direction and implication of those trends. To an unknown extent, our planet is self-healing, but to gamble on inexhaustibility is suicidal.”

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