Affordable Health Care

It’s time to rethink the whole individual mandate business. I still think conservative objections based on a distinction between taxation and the individual mandate were self-serving, convenient and artificial. Still, the codeword “individual mandate” set off alarm bells for me from the very beginning. The Supreme Court, playing Solomon splitting the baby, will be the last straw in a series of crippling setbacks for Affordable Health Care.

The Administration’s original proposal at least seemed comprehensible and containable. Compromise, lobbying and bill riders spawned a three-headed monster, mostly favoring the health care lobby at the expense of the individual citizen. It’s time to formally dump what’s left of “Obamacare” and start over.

Of single-payer health care (medical care funded from a single insurance pool), Forbes Magazine said,”The constitutionality of single payer is basically uncontroversial (Medicare is single payer health care) and the politics of it would look a lot more appealing to moderates than they did before.”

Health care costs have hit 20% of US GDP and for this we’re getting third-world care. Let the debate for a serious single-payer begin.

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