Tigra Menu removed from top of all pages

We today removed our venerable javascript menu bar from the very top of our pages. Beginning with the new Wordpress release 3.0 “twentyeleven” theme, submenu entries on the Tigra menu would slide UNDER our page-wide banner graphic – not convenient!

I discovered this had also disrupted page rendering of our site on the iPad, and presumably on other mobile devices.

Instead,  I expanded WordPress’s own built-in menu. This eliminates custom javascript, which should allow faster load times anyway:

Under the banner image of each department is a menu starting with the word HOME in the left-most entry. Clicking HOME from anywhere on the site returns you to our home page. Additionally, on any site page, you will see submenu links to each site department when you hover your mouse over the HOME link.

All department top-level links continue to be listed in the righthand page “sidebar,” so you can navigate with whichever system happens to be most convenient at the time.

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