“Please Vote for Me”

I caught part of a Global Voices PBS World special called “Please Vote for Me.”

“Please Vote for Me” examines the efforts of three 8-year-old students running for class monitor in an elementary school in Wuhan, China. The youngsters are shown campaigning for votes and participating in debates.”

If you are class monitor, you get to show off, build your own political organization, and tell the other kids “Quiet!”

One way to win is influence peddling. “If you vote for me, I’ll appoint you deputy class monitor.” It turns out the really smart kids get elected to this prized grade school position by compiling long lists of one’s competitors’ faults, circulating those to the whole class in order to sway the voting.

Their teacher was Chinese, of course, but for this segment of a grade school kid’s education, they could just use American political consultants.

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