Ron Paul, Libertarianism and 2012 Issues

Ron Paul has been called the “godfather of libertarianism.” How did we get from a fringe backwater political philosophy to a serious national candidacy? We survey some snippets of libertarian ideology, and then sample some of what Paul would like to do to implement them. Feature article in Commentary.

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1 thought on “Ron Paul, Libertarianism and 2012 Issues

  1. Over a month since my post on Paul and libertarianism, Ron Paul has still not stepped up to the plate and taken responsibility for statements made in his newsletters under his name. In the current 2/6/2012 New Yorker, Alex Koppelman writes:

    “There is no longer any doubt—not that there ever truly was. Ron Paul, the libertarian hero, was aware of and, indeed, intimately involved in, the production of the newsletters that printed a number of racist, homophobic, and conspiratorial screeds under his name.”

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    Partisan and ideological issues aside, Paul joins a growing list of GOP “bigot vote” candidates who are neither personally nor morally fit to lead the United States or any other free country.

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