New Guest Author: Frank Hughes

We’re delighted to introduce new Guest author Franklin E. Hughes. Frank has graciously consented to let us republish stories he originally posted in FaceBook. I felt Frank’s sense of place, reminiscence and regional storytelling all deserve a wider audience. Frank writes:

Alex – You got it right, my stories are mostly ramblings. I just start typing, and most of the time I never know where I’ll end up … I never expected anyone but a few friends and relatives to even be interested in them. Some of them are true … and most of them are based at least partly on happenings in my life. The small town I grew up in probably never had 200 people. My graduating class had 14 students, 3 boys and 11 girls. At one time the town was quite large. Oil was discovered in 1905 and it grew overnight. The oil slowed down and the people left for richer grounds. By the time I grew up there, all that was left was 2 general stores and a gas station. Uh-Oh … I’m rambling agin!  Maybe someone else out there will enjoy my ramblings…! I leave it in your capable hands. With the way I write, I wouldn’t even know where one paragraph started or ended. I have enjoyed your website. It seems to have a little bit of something to interest a lot of different people.  Regards, Frank

We here introduce two of Frank’s stories, in our Writing department. There are more to come!

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