Boehner Out of Touch

Every time we begin to think of House Speaker John Boehner as one of the more level-headed new-breed conservatives, he leaps at the opportunity to discourage such hasty, ill-advised conclusions. We found another example of this in the Wall Street Journal:

Despite the outreach, Russia hasn’t fully cooperated with the U.S. on key global challenges, most notably international sanctions against Iran and Syria. “We should do more to compel the Kremlin to curtail its relationship with Iran, particularly related to its nuclear program and missile technology,” Mr. Boehner said.

Compel? What was he thinking? It goes without saying the West doesn’t want to see Russia in bed with the psychotic Iranian government or its nuclear program. “Compulsion” didn’t work with the cold-war USSR. We’d never attempt it with allies or with neutral countries with whom we want to continue to cooperate. It won’t work any better with modern Russia. If Boehner fears a Russian return to old-style KBG diplomacy under Putin, what better way to push the Kremlin in that direction than “gunboat diplomacy” talk like Boehner’s? He’s out of touch.

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