Christie Bows Out

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie announced he was “not ready” to run for President. Pundits said he was “not ready” to address the concerns of a right-wing theological Republican base.

Family Research Council president Tony Perkins says the New Jersey governor’s support for an anti-bullying initiative could discourage social conservatives from voting for him if he does run. Read more: The Daily Caller

I’m probably one of the last people in the world who’d be regarded as qualified to judge whether Christie had the right stuff to become GOP frontrunner candidate. I stopped voting Republican – any candidate, any office – early in the Bush Administration. Christie doesn’t buy same-sex marriage, but he’s against bullying. I have no idea whether Christie has mapped out a comprehensive platform on all the issues, or had time to assemble a staff to work it out. What I’m hearing from the voters is that they think maybe this is a good thing. I liked the sound bites I heard.

Christie was a plain talker – not in the rubber-stamp agenda-driven style of a Perry or Cain, but in an enormously refreshing, broad-based and common-sense way. Christie was a man who knew how to answer a direct question. He struck me as a politician who is concerned with the well-being of all his constituents, not with the nefarious machinations of some political party.

Maybe the Republican Party just isn’t ready for Chris Christie.

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